Community Engagement at the Holden Center

Alternative Breaks

The Holden Center’s Alternative Breaks (AB) program at the University of Oregon enables students to engage communities locally and internationally as they learn experientially about the value of service, leadership and innovation. Each AB  is crafted to meet the needs of communities and students in a common purpose that fosters cultural competency, collaboration and social change. These place-based trips rely on community partners that facilitate service learning projects shaped by the unique culture and social issues of trip locations. Teams engage in pre-trip planning, preparation and fundraising to set them up for success. During the trip, students participate in daily reflections, leadership lessons, evening debriefs and topical discussions; a curriculum that promotes self-awareness, global citizenship and leadership through the experiential learning model.

Applications for Alternative Spring Breaks are still open!

UO Alternative Breaks

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2013-2014 Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks range from a weekend to a three week long experience and focus on a diverse range of social issues on local, domestic and international levels.

Applications & Forms

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Fundraising, Grants & Expenses

Cost should never be the prohibiting factor preventing a student from applying for an Alternative Break experience. Most students are able to successfully fundraise the entire cost of the trip and some small scholarships are available.

Past Trips & Success Stories

Many new leaders are empowered through Alternative Breaks and continue to affect change in communities when they return from their trip. After each team returns to campus they construct a presentation for the broader community to educate faculty, staff and students on both their experience and the issues that they are passionate about.
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